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Kids' Bike Trade Up Program

Introducing Our Kids' Bike Trade Up Program!

La Dolce Velo Kids' Bikes

You want to buy your child a bike this Christmas, but a couple of things are holding you back: your child will certainly outgrow the bike sometime this year, and you may be faced with another bike purchase very soon. Yet you don’t want to buy a cheap bike because you want to make sure your child has a safe, properly fitting, well-maintained bike to ride. What to do?

Our Kids' Trade Up program can help! Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase any kids' bike, and become part of our Parents’ Club.
  • We perform routine maintenance for up to 1 year FOR FREE! Flat tire? You purchase the tube, we install it free. Something breaks? You buy the part, we install it free. Need the chain cleaned or the handlebars straightened? That’s on us.
  • When your child outgrows the bike, trade it in and receive up to $75 credit on the purchase of the next bike. The better condition the bike comes back to us, the more credit you receive.
  • We service the returned bike and either sell it as a used bike or donate it to a child who can’t afford it, depending on need at the time.

Advantages to you?

  • Your child continues to ride a well-built, well-maintained and size appropriate properly fitting bike.
  • You get a relationship with a bike shop that is vested in your child’s safe and fun riding experience.
  • And you get a significant discount in the form of a credit each time you trade up.

What if my child doesn’t want another bike when she outgrows this one?

Perish the thought but should that happen, you return the well-maintained bike to us and receive a store credit of up to $75 to spend in the store as you wish.

Does the Trade Up program apply to special order bikes or just the ones on the floor?

Any kids’ bike that we carry or can special order is eligible for the Trade Up program. Being part of the Parents’ Club doesn’t cost anything; it just identifies you for free routine maintenance when you need it during the year.

Check out our kids’ bikes or better yet, come down and talk to one of us about getting your child on a bike!